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Weapons and pickups

I just finished adding much needed features such as pickups (weapons, ammunition, health and armor) and making the guns actually fires projectiles over network. There is no collision checking yet, this will be for next post I suppose.

I think the next major issue to fix will be how I deal with lag and non-hitscan weapons. I currently consider all my weapons as firing projectiles therefore even if I rollback my simulation to check if the target was hit in the past it would look very ugly on the screen.

Right now I have two things to try:

  • I am thinking about using variable-speed projectiles (to catch up with lag).
  • Adding a local input lag, like the client-side version of the projectile (simulated) will be drawn with a 50-100 ms delay, or even a fraction of the current RTT.

Suggestions, someone ? :)

Here a video:

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