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Moon Fever

The game was inspired by Star Control 2 and the time I spent designing spaceships in my school books instead of studying when I was a kid. It isn't a game based on reflexes or agility but rather on judgement and strategy.

You build a spaceship block by block with the points you earn. When you join a game server, you are put in charge of your spaceship. You are in control of everything (crew, energy consumption, weaponry, velocity and direction).

So far, the game offers team deathmatch in which each team starts with a starbase and has to destroy the enemy team's starbase. In between, several outposts are there for the taking. Outposts allow you to repair your spaceship, hire crewmembers and resupply ammunition.

The entire game actually runs in a physics simulator (Box2D powered) over UDP, both playable locally or online (Internet). Spaceships can collide, explode, and get destroyed block by block.